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4x National Champion Cyclist, Media Mogul & Entrepreneur Jeremy Powers
Photo by @katiebusickphotography

Photo by @katiebusickphotography

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From ice cream truck driver to pro athlete, entrepreneur and creator.

The greatest American cyclocross racer of his generation shares insights about: being a pioneer, drawing your own map, failing and getting up over and over again to forge a career, start a media company, chase a dream and inspire + enable others to do the same, at scale.

Jeremy Powers is an American professional cyclist who has won over 90 UCI races, four U.S. National Championships and the 2015 Pan American Championship. He has also been a relentless champion of the discipline of cyclocross and has put huge chunks of his time and money into building the sport in the United States where it is rising in popularity, but still underground for the most part.

In this episode, Jeremy takes us inside the mentality it takes to win, to face failure and to get up over and over again in the face of daunting financial, professional, interpersonal and health challenges. We touch on what he did to create a career path where there wasn’t one, become a champion and start-up a media company.

Jeremy has mentored and developed some of the best talent competing in the sport through teams and organizations he created including Aspire Racing and the JAM fund. In 2010, Jeremy and Sam Smith created the groundbreaking online video series ‘Behind THE Barriers.’ The series followed Jeremy as he traveled to races across the U.S. and around the world and continues today as Behind the Barriers TV.

This interview took place in 2017 just before Jeremy finished second at the national championships and it’s a deep dive into the toughest moments of his career. On YouTube, you can find him at Behind the Barriers TV and you can follow Jeremy on Insta @jpows, on Twitter @jeremypowers and on his website,

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