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Big Herc - Fresh Out: Life After the Penitentiary

Bank Robber, YouTube Star, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, former Adult Film Star.
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A rare moment of rest for the YouTube sensation, Big Herc.

A rare moment of rest for the YouTube sensation, Big Herc.

Growing up in Sacramento, CA, Marcus ‘Big Herc’ Timmons was a straight-A student and talented athlete before he took a wrong turn into gang life, drug dealing and violence. He spent most of his teens incarcerated the California Youth Authority juvenile detention system and before he went to prison for bank robbery, he worked as a performer in the adult industry.

Today, Big Herc, is one of the fastest rising stars on YouTube. He spent nine years in the federal penitentiary for bank robbery, underwent a deep transformation during his time inside and came out the other side to thrive and empower others to choose a different path. He’s best known as the co-creator and host of the wildly popular YouTube series Fresh Out: Life After the Penitentiary and a number of spinoff shows including Prison Talk.

He’s also a motivational speaker, author, executive coach and an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses. If you haven’t checked out Fresh Out or Prison Talk, let me just tell you that it’s some of the rawest, deepest and most compelling content you’re ever going to watch with insights into human nature and life lessons that people from all walks of life can learn from.

Big Herc’s mission is to help educate the world about the horrors of prison life and educate those headed inside so they can survive and get out alive. But most importantly, he wants to strip away the glamor associated with the criminal life on the street to help people on that path stop before they end up making the mistakes that he did. His content is amazing, his persona is magnetic and with his partners he’s expanding his empire into multiple YouTube series, the supplement business, coaching and much more.

Catch Big Herc at, follow him on social @bigherc916 and @freshoutseries. And don’t miss the Fresh Out content that is soaring to the top on YouTube.

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